Publishing During COVID-19

The global pandemic has me shut in the house like everyone else, and like most of the world, I have tasks to complete. And they don’t involve writing, which is unfortunate. I have plenty of time and space for that; my favorite chair has a low spot due to me being in it daily. But right now, I’m tasked with two things toward getting published: seeking a copy editor, and finding a cover art designer. The book is long-written and several times redrafted, and were it not for the current situation, I would be undergoing these steps right now.

But the problem is, or could become, money. I’m employed and working from home, but things change daily. My job is department-budgeted. Given the fast-approaching economic meltdown, that corner of the budget that includes little me may not last long. I could be laid off any day, any week, or never. Spending a few thousand dollars on these services was already going to be difficult, now I’m unsure if I’ll have the funds to do so. I really do want to move on with this process, and start writing my next novel. But what’s more important, publishing or eating?

Oh, the decisions of a writer during an unforeseen global crisis!

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