Anthology Launch!

I’ve been gone a long while, now I’m back. I’m here to report the launch of “Chicago Celebrates” by the Writing Society of the University Club of Chicago, of which I am a member. Each of us created a piece (short story, poem, etc.) highlighting a celebration in this great city. Some chose a more literal celebration, others did something more abstract. I wrote about the Pride Parade. One from the city’s history, and the first one I ever attended. For me, a young man newly out, it definitely was a celebration of who I was. But it was also an interesting political time where the LGBTQ community was gaining more acceptance and more rights, even if slowly.

And as usual, I sugarcoat nothing. I tell my celebration story about a situation, good and bad. And when the anthology is available for online purchase, you will be able to read it.

Until next time!

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