Whom am I writing for?

There is a new Star Trek series out called “Discovery”. It features a ship with a black female captain and black female first officer. I applaud the writers and the network for having the courage to feature black women for these roles. But not everyone does, apparently. Some Stark Trek fans have taken issue with them, going as far as to say that their presence as captain and first officer are a form of “white genocide”. Additionally, per this Chicago Tribune article:

“The New Yorker reported, comments such as ‘Where is the alpha male that has balls and doesn’t take crap from anyone?’ ‘Is everything going to have to have females in every . . . thing?’ and ‘Star Trek: Feminist Lesbian Edition’ quickly appeared on YouTube.”

I know there are fantastic sci-fi fans out there, and I won’t point fingers at everyone, but I find this appalling. As equally appalling as the similarly biased backlash against Sulu’s sexuality in the last Stark Trek movie. The Tribune article rightfully notes that this sentiment is quite opposite that of Gene Roddenberry’s original wishes for Star Trek. During tumultuous social and political times, he created a setting that embraced and encouraged diversity, and for the real world, one where fans of all kinds could have a hero and envision something better for their future, and the future of humanity. Those who take exception to this completely lose sight of what Star Trek’s creator hoped to achieve. And to me personally, it is sad to see this in this day and age, when by now, humanity in general should have moved well beyond this kind of thinking.

But here’s my last point: These negative viewpoints do not come from the average person, but from sci-fi fans, a group that I have always assumed to be too intelligent for this. I am a sci-fi writer aspiring to become an author in the genre, and I will continue my craft regardless, but this new situation unfortunately causes me to ask a difficult question: Whom am I writing for?


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